Following extensive stakeholder and community engagement, our application for a Development Consent Order (DCO) has been accepted for examination by the Planning Inspectorate.

The project will now move to the next stage of the decision-making process in which a panel of independent inspectors will conduct an examination of the application and make a recommendation to the Secretary of State.

You can view our application on the Planning Inspectorate's website at

About Cory

Cory is one of the UK’s leading recycling and waste management companies. We help to ensure that London and the South East have a safe, clean and sustainable way of managing recyclable and non-recyclable waste.

We’re proud to deliver an important service for our local communities by providing reliable and efficient waste management services and diverting from landfill.

However, we know that we need to reduce our carbon impact and get to net zero.

Artist impression of the proposed carbon capture scheme
Artist impression of the proposed carbon capture scheme Artist impression of the proposed carbon capture scheme

Webinar event

Click the link below to watch the webinar event we hosted on Wednesday 15 November 2023.

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Fast Facts

Frequently asked questions

This page provides answers to questions that directly relate to our decarbonisation proposals and are likely to be of interest to stakeholders and the wider local community. They will be regularly reviewed to ensure they are up to date.

How much carbon dioxide will you capture?

Our CCS project has the potential to capture c.1.3 million tonnes of CO2 per year. This equates to more CO2 than is emitted by a town the size of Reading each year.

What is carbon capture and storage (CCS)?

CCS is a process that captures carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from energy generation sources such as power plants, EfW facilities and other industrial emission sources. It is then transported and stored safely so that it will not re-enter the atmosphere.

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